How does your social media match up to competitors?

In a group of four, we created a social media audit and conversation for three upscale steakhouses based in the Pacific Northwest. We chose to analyze El Gaucho, Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s, comparing their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usage. Using twitonomy and IconoSquare as well as counting individual Facebook posts, we were able to analyze and critique each restaurants social media use. In particular, we focused on how El Gaucho ranked in comparison to Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s. Our Research identified that overall Morton’s was the most effective at engaging its followers and interacting with them. El Gaucho ranked second with its social media use, it frequently engaged and interacted with its followers but was not as efficient as Morton’s. Lastly, Ruth’s Chris fell behind; it has the lowest interaction and engagement rate. However Ruth’s Chris did a great job at utilizing Facebook.

This project taught us how to properly analyze social media based on the clients industry as well as work together to create a professional product. We were able to identify each restaurants purpose, theme, voice and brand consistency through reading each Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post, which gave us a better insight on the restaurants motive and ethical background. As a result, we were able to create a paper that included graphs and photographs that compared each restaurant’s social media. We were also able to generate recommendations for El Gaucho to strengthen its social media and follow in the footsteps of its main social media competitor, Morton’s.



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